Jewish Weddings and Indian Weddings are very similar in their requirements, both are a party, both require specialist food. Both are an auspicious occasion with a lot of guests! We have vast experience in putting on weddings and events for 250 to 1000 guests at a time. All of whom can be catered for with our expert catering partners at Nehmina Catering or by your preferred Kosher caterers in our Kosher accredited kitchens. Your Jewish Wedding at the Langley will include our services:

Jewish Wedding Services

  • Full Wedding Management before and during the Wedding giving your peace of mind and confidence that the wedding will be amazing
  • High ceilings giving ample space for a Chuppa
  • Large Roof Terrace available if an outdoor ceremony is required
  • Divided suites for Men and Women if required is easily acheivable
  • Decor, ranging from table linen to Centrepieces to suit your theme
  • LED Lighting to match the Decor for your Event.
  • Civil Registry avilable to compliment your Jewish Wedding on the same day
  • Fully equipped kitchens for caterers
  • Large LCD screens to give Best Man speeches that extra punch

With 3 suites available able to host from 500 to 1,400 guests, your family and friends will all be welcome, comfortable and treated as the exhaulted guests they are at The Langley. 

With direct access to over 600 car parking spaces, the Gade car parking facility with all day parking available means you and your guests have one less thing to worry about. With The Langley's special consession rate the parking makes life a little cheaper too.